"You Are Not A Gadget" (2010)


Web resources in reference to Jaron's older book, "You Are Not A Gadget" 

A laundry list of Jaron's past public events

Ideas (links to articles and whatnot over the years up to about 2007)
   (Jaron's World columns from Discover Magazine, The Half-manifesto, Digital Maoism, Tele-immersion, technological humanism, Phenotropics, post-symbolic communication, philosophy of Virtual Reality, and so on.)

Music from recent years up to about 2007


1999-2007 Archive: Announcements, and related links  

    (Lectures, publications, and concerts, as well as archives documenting such things as Minority Report, the archival roaches, Navigator Tree, and so on.)

Pre-1999 Archives  
    (This is where to find some quirky materials related to Virtual Reality history, VPL, Instruments of Change, and so on.)



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